Selecting an Executive Search Company

Taking the critical decision of selecting an Executive Search company requires that you spend some time researching the market and weighing your options . It is vital that you make a wise decision , and do not be misled by going for the cheapest options. Please be aware that the quality of human resources will depend on the the quality of your decision making to select the right partner for finding talent . We hope the general guidelines here will help you take the right decisions. .

Market Information
Check with your HR friends or colleagues in the targeted market . Check the qualifications and experience of the Executive Search Consultants . A good Executive Search company will have experienced consultants with deep and thorough knowledge of the market . They will be familiar with HR practices and have a  thorough knowledge of selection procedures .

Research the Market
If you are a leading FMCG company in Indonesia , look for professional experts who are located in Indonesia with experience in the market. . This might sound obvious, but many agencies do a little bit of everything, and you need to find an executive search and recruitment firm that’s an expert in your field. A good way to locate the experts in a Country is to take a look at the local job boards and see who is actively releasing recruitment ads , commenting on industry issues .

Review the Website
It is important to check out websites of the executive search firms you are interested in . Look carefully at the HR expertise of the consultant , the kind of HR experience they have (When were they established? What is the history of the company?) and the jobs advertised on their site. It would be better for you select Consultant who are on the ground , who have local expertise and who are also  part of a global executive search network with offices around the globe .

Meet up with the Executive Search Consultant
After your short-list is completed , start face to face meetings with a few selected consultants . Just bear in mind that the entire selection of your key talents will depend of the quality and caliber of the consultants handling your Recruitment . Spend time to check out details and do not make compromise decisions . Select a firm that has strong HR experience , a good reputation for quality services and a code of conduct . A good recruitment company will encourage an open exchange of information to ensure they are placing the right people with the right companies.

Get the local experts 
Ensure the Executive Search company you select has a local presence, as working with a company in  Singapore  for positions in Jakarta will not be the best approach and in fact is a bad decision  . You may get some CVs , however you need to clearly know if you are making the right selection and getting  value for money .

Look at Building Long Term Relationships with Professionals 
Using several search firms for one assignment , is unprofessional  and in the long term no one will take you seriously . To build up long term commitment you will need to work with just one or two specialists and build trust .

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