Redesign of Hiring Process under the “New Normal”

With people working from home and social distancing in place due to Covid-19. Recruiters and HR professionals who are still continuing to hire and growing rapidly would need to design a hiring process that supports the situation. In redesigning the process, companies need to look at :

  1. Interview Questions – Structuring interviews around the skills companies’ looking for from each candidate and give them the opportunity to demonstrate those skills
  2. Technical Skills – Meeting a technical expert for this round followed by a short exercise to test the candidates’ collaboration skills
  3. Writing Samples – Giving writing assignments specific to the role candidate is applying for during the interview process so that the process gives a good idea of their writing and communication skills
  4. Games – The goal this is to understand how the candidate interacts with team members and to also show them that the organization that they are exploring would be a fun place to work.

The HBR article linked here is based around the four pillars mentioned above and we think it is a good read for HR professionals looking to tweak their recruitment processes.

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