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Our work lives have changed significantly during the Covid-19 pandemic. Recruiters need to understand the dynamics at play in today’s talent market. Hiring and Recruiting strategies that were effective before the pandemic need adjusting due to several factors like robust expansion of the economy, flexibility of remote work, increased retirement rates among baby boomers etc. Here are five ways one can adapt to this new hiring field in 2022 :

8 Employee Recruitment Strategies for Successful Hiring

1) Personalizing the Candidate Experience

Advanced Organizations uses a more human-centered approach to employee engagement as suggested by a prominent researcher from Gartner. Even if their’s a definite trend toward automation in recruiting, the human touch remains powerful and important. Some of the ways to achieve this are:

  • By developing an employment brand that will appeal to the type of candidates you want.
  • Creating a profile based on the top performers, including interests outside of work, and used in targeting candidates.

2) Flexing on the Requirements

A recent survey conducted by Tara Sophia Mohr of Harvard Business Review conducted on less participation of candidates on job application finds out that people, especially women, aren’t approaching because they feel like the job qualifications are too much of a reach. With so many positions available, job seekers gravitate toward “high-percentage” opportunities rather than wasting time with a scattershot approach.

The solution for this is simply by casting a wide net and then screening the pool. Like for eg  instead of requiring “seven to 10 years of experience in engineering,” one can put forth as “solid experience in engineering.”

3) Streamlining the Hiring and Onboarding

If the process takes more time then one may lose candidates to a competitor who acts faster. Some of the ways to combat this are:

  • Establishing a standard hiring process and getting all stakeholders on board. This process should stress on timeliness while also ensuring a focus on quality candidates.
  • Setting timelines for all stakeholders and communicating regularly to ensure everyone is keeping pace.
  • Taking advantage of current tools such as interview scheduling programs, automated email reminders and online pre-screen questionnaires.

4) Offering what candidates want in today’s World

In today’s modern world job-seekers desires and expectations have changed, and so suitable changes should be made. Some of these key changes are:

  • Candidates seeking flexibility for their work period. Studies show that most people want the option to work from home at least part of the time.
  • Compassion and understanding from supervisors. Emotional intelligence from managers is more important than ever as people continue to adjust to the new landscape.
  • Offering wellness benefits.
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