10 Ways of Getting Motivated in a Pandemic

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Since the Covid 19 has engulfed the world, there has been a considerable drop in the motivation levels of the individuals. There is a lot of stress and anxiety; thanks to a considerable number of deaths, lack of social circle, financial worries and other health concerns. It is necessary to cope as well as thrive in this challenging time of today, here are some of the easy to incorporate ways of staying strong and motivated during this distress:

  • Plan your day

It is important to schedule your day with all the daily activities that comprises of exercises, and other routine activities. This will help you in being in a habit of a schedule even during the pandemic.


  • Shortened periods of exercise

Since most of us are staying home and doing work from home, there stands no requirement to indulge in an hour of workout and then tiring yourself. Instead break your workout schedule in shorter bouts and make time for it during your daily chores.


  • Healthy and mindful eating

Food is one of the greatest influencers, thus make sure that what you eat helps in boosting the immune system of the body and alleviates the mood. You can develop a nutritional plan in accordance with your body requirement and lifestyle and follow the same.


  • Stay social

Fitness buddies usually help each other staying fit. Working out with someone is not a good suggesting during this pandemic. Thus, you may opt for virtual sessions with your friends and family and stay connected. You can do exercise together and motivate each other for a fitter self.


  • Impact of exercise

Over the period of doing exercise, you will realize that exercise makes you feel focussed and energised. Pay attention to the feeling that comes in when you exercise and all the work stress just vanishes. The lighter you feel in mind is worth it. Exercise always has a positive impact on the overall personality of the individual. It’s just that you need to be aware of the same.


  • Proper sleep

Sufficient rest is the pre-requisite to a happier self. Always remember this. When you get sufficient sleep you don’t feel exhausted and thus can easily focus on your exercises. Thus, for a fitter self, ensure that you get at least an 8 hour sleep everyday.


  • Relax

Relax yourself with solitude, podcast, massage, any board game, video game or just by sitting all by yourself. During this time, try your best to cut out the negativity and focus on the positive vibes. Go for new relaxation techniques, such as, yoga, and meditation.


  • Rewards

You can treat yourself with some small rewards on achieving a goal during the workout. This is because the rewards can keep you motivated to complete the exercise schedule.


  • Work towards the mental health

The pandemic has brought about a lot of mental issues for a lot of people. Depression and anxiety are some of the factors that lead to such a downtime in the mental health of the individuals. This can seriously interfere with the exercise routine of the individual. It is thus important to get yourself a virtual counselor who can provide the sessions to help you overcome depression and other anxiety related issues.


  • Cheat day

Like when you diet, you have a cheat day where you are allowed to treat yourself with your favourite food. Similarly, there are few days when you don’t feel like doing exercise. That calls for a break. There is no point dragging yourself towards exercise because even your reckless of the efforts won’t give any good result. So, at such times, just remind yourself that your next exercise session will be rigid and you need to complete the same with double the motivation.


COVID 19 has led to a change of lifestyle for many of us. Thus, staying motivated is the demand of the tiring times, but doing so is indeed a difficult thing to do, when so much is happening around. A realistic schedule can make a lot of things fall in their place. The pandemic will eventually come to an end, but, there is a definite need for you to stay fit and that can be done only when you don’t waste the pandemic time and indulge in exercises.


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