Safeguarding Your Job Search: Tips to Avoid Scammers Posing as Job Recruiters

In today’s competitive job market, finding employment can be a daunting task. Job seekers often rely on recruitment agencies to connect them with potential employers and navigate the hiring process. However, amidst genuine agencies, there has been a rise in recruitment scams that prey on unsuspecting individuals. These scams not only exploit job seekers financially … Continued

Resignation Advice

Believe it or not, there is a right and wrong way of resigning from your job. Doing it the wrong way can lead to bad feelings between you and your employer, recriminations or even a bad reference. On the other hand, the correct resignation etiquette will contribute to continued success in both your personal and … Continued

Telephone Interview Advice

Dear Candidate, Thank you for agreeing to schedule time for a telephone interview with our Client. We trust you will understand that due to constraints of distance and time, at this stage it is not possible to meet with you, however this preliminary interview is as important as a ‘ face to face interview ‘ … Continued

Interview Advice

ATTENDING AN INTERVIEW The best interview advice we can offer is to prepare for it. This may sound obvious, but it’s not. Too many applicants walk into an interview without knowing as much as they should about the industry, the company and its problems. Remember: You are there to solve a problem. Otherwise, the company … Continued

Your Job Interview: Are You Ready?

Candidates ought to know that there is no fixed approach or style of interview that will be used by an HR Manager or a Panel of Interviewers.  Best is to be aware of the different types and prepare in advance for the barrage of questions that will be thrown out at you. It is very unlikely … Continued

12 Things to Pay Attention to on LinkedIn Profile to Attract Recruiters

LinkedIn has become a disruptive innovation in social media world and for the job market, especially with the advanced people search and other features coming up in the future years. With a lot of recruiters on LinkedIn, it will be easier for job seekers to find a job as long as their profile can be … Continued

How to Write a CV

Designing your CV  You CV is a reflection of your personality , your past achievements and your academic achievements . Its a one time job to design a good CV and it is certainly worth investing time and effort to design a good CV which you could develop and build on in the years to … Continued

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