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We have been retained by the country’s top online marketplace to place an experienced and professional VP Development (Vice President).

We encourage those having strong leadership, management, and business skills in technology such as Infra, Development, QA, Research, Security and Program/Project Management to apply.

This role is Jakarta based.


  • Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in a relevant field;
  • Over 10 years’ experience in Business & People Management,
  • Experience holding a Senior Position in Product Management, Program and Project Management, as well as Infra and QA group within the Tech department;
  • Have sound technical skills in Computer programming and Algorithm development;
  • Have good business skills specifically in e-commerce for the Indonesia market.


  • Responsible for planning and implementing technology application for the company on time with the highest quality in collaboration with other departments;
  • Product Management, Program and Project Management, as well as Infra and QA group within Tech dept;
  • Manage the prioritization and work assignment among different development groups/development leads;
  • Act as a central point of communication between the team and the stakeholders of other departments like Product Management, Program and Project Management;
  • Identify, manage and mitigate risk throughout the project lifecycle and keep stakeholders aware of risks/progress;
  • Coach, motivate, lead, and supervise the software development team members;
  • Work with the team to improve development processes, policies, tools, and practices to ensure that they align with the department’s priorities and industry best practices;
  • Recruit staff and conduct interviewing, hiring, assigning work, training, coaching, and mentoring;
  • Conduct performance review and hold staff accountable for performance of their responsibility;
  • Conduct weekly/monthly one on one discussion forum to connect with team members;
  • Have adept business skills specifically in the area of e-commerce across Indonesia market;
  • Able to describe technology in simple form for non-tech person to understand;
  • Proactively seek solution to a problem for internally identified issues or customer reported issues;
  • Create creative solutions either on a standalone system or for overall system;
  • Improve operations by conducting systems analysis as well as recommending changes in policies and procedures;
  • Update job knowledge by studying state of the art development tools, programming techniques, and computing equipment;
  • Participate in educational opportunities such as reading professional publications, maintaining personal networks, participating in professional organizations, etc.;
  • Protect operations by keeping information confidential;
  • Maintain excellent coding practices along with verbal and written communication skills.

If You Wish To Apply Please send your CV to: fitrizah@potentiahr.com

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