The Cornerstone Eagle – April 2017 Edition

The Eagle is one of the most powerful birds to roam the skies. From an ecological and leadership perspective, we have a lot to learn from it. Cornerstone uses the symbol of the Eagle and we use it to bring you a message we want to share; with an objective to  assist in a small way so we all live a more successful and healthier life.

We pray that these powerful wings of the Eagle will continue to enable you to soar to new heights.

Cornerstone International Group’s MISSION is to be the best executive recruiting group worldwide, but our VISION is to be a true mentor and coach, one – on – one, with our clients, candidates and partners locally.

We shall be your Faithful Companion / Coach / Mentor on your life and career journey, supporting you to discover yourself and offering good advice regarding the SIX important aspects of your professional Life: Identity, Money, Career Options, Health, Relationships and Your Future (spiritual and your legacy reminders).

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